Human Rights Strategies
for Racial Justice

A human rights framework opens the door to a set of potentially game-changing strategies that can effectively address racial injustice. The strategies described here emerged from the USHRF’s 2011 convening and demonstrate only a few of the impressive ways in which human rights is being used to pursue racial equality in the U.S.

Legal Strategies
Legal strategies utilizing international human rights treaties and commissions can strengthen local governments' commitments to racial justice.

International Mechanisms
The power of human rights to influence racially disparate practices is bolstered by international human rights treaties, bodies and reporting mechanisms.

Advocacy Campaigns
Through human rights campaigns, participatory documentation and global exchanges with organizations overseas, racial justice advocates are securing social change.

Funder Partnerships
Partnership between funders and community groups offers the potential for more effective and field-wide impact.

Successful communication on racial justice and human rights requires a diversity of approaches informed by close attention to medium, message, messenger and audience.

A human rights framework recognizes that human rights and racial justice will not be accomplished without the leadership of communities impacted by discrimination.